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Month: May 2016

Helping future computer scientists learn a new language

Bill Burton, UIC Talk about your tough homework assignments: cybersecurity expert Venkat Venkatakrishnan says he routinely challenges computer science students with security problems that take them into “uncharted territory – even a language they haven’t learned.” Venkatakrishnan, or “Professor Venkat,” as he is known, has scholarly interests in computer security and privacy, particularly the security… Read More ›

Neuroticism Predicts Anxiety and Depression Disorders

Hilary Hurd Anyaso, Northwestern A new Northwestern University and UCLA study has found for the first time that young people who are high on the personality trait of neuroticism are highly likely to develop both anxiety and depression disorders. “Neuroticism was an especially strong predictor of the particularly pernicious state of developing both anxiety and… Read More ›

What if an hour of exercise could power your smartphone?

by Howard Wolinsky, Crains Every move you make, every step you take, you’re generating energy. At least some of it goes to waste. A couple of years ago, a team of engineering doctoral candidates at Northwestern University—all three were runners and, of course, smartphone users—set out to cash in on this untapped kinetic energy in… Read More ›