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Month: August 2016

Many Top-Selling Sunscreens Don’t Offer Adequate Protection

Marla Paul, Northwestern Medicine About 40 percent of the top selling sunscreens on don’t meet the American Academy of Dermatology’s guidelines for sunscreens. This was largely due to a lack of water or sweat resistance, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.  Read more

African-American genes show how slavery and the Great Migration shaped the U.S.

Princess Ojiaku, Quartz American history isn’t just something we learn about in school—it’s also something we carry in our genes. That’s one insight offered by a new study in PLOS Genetics on how slavery and African-American immigration patterns have shaped the contemporary demographics of the US. Read more

Jackie Chan Saves the Day: How Super Cop Improved a Solar Cell

Alane Lim, Helix It really was a bargain from the bargain bin. Graduate student Alex Smith wanted to make a solar cell work better, and he found his solution in the most unlikely of places: a Blu-ray copy of Jackie Chan’s Super Cop. Now picture a solar cell. It’s probably blue or some other dark… Read More ›