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The Paradox of Malaria: Protection Against Antibiotic Resistance in High-Transmission Areas

By Lakshmi Chandrasekaran, April 1, 2019 ” In the early 17th century, two French scientists successfully extracted quinine—a potent medication that is highly effective against malaria [2]—from the bark of the cinchona tree. Since then, physicians and researchers have raced to treat and prevent the disease. Chloroquine, a synthetic alternative of quinine that was produced to… Read More ›

After Running 154 Marathons, This Man Just Completed His First With a New Heart

Cindy Kuzma, Runner’s World Dan Leite went from a breathing tube back to the finish line in less than three years. Read more.

A Mysterious Disease Is Killing Beech Trees

Carolyn Wilke, The Scientist A new disease, named for the tell-tale symptoms that appear on foliage, is killing American beech trees. Beech leaf disease was first spotted in northeast Ohio in 2012 and has since moved into 10 Ohio counties, eight Pennsylvania counties, one county in New York, and five counties in Ontario, Canada. Its… Read More ›